Is virtual reality now the new reality?
Can we keep it under control?
Two little girls, both called Petra, use all their super-powers on a quest to answer this, the most complicated question of all.
Through their laughter and tears, they discover that togetherness, being face to face, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder is, for them, the greatest value of all...
Triko Cirkus Teatar blend aerial acrobatics with a dash of slapstick and classical clown theatre to create this wonderful show designed for children, that can equally be enjoyed by the whole family.
Join us for the adventures of these two wonderful clown heroines.
With Iva Peter Dragan and Nikolina Majdak | Director: Lee Delong | Costume designer: Tea Bašić | Composer: Igor Karlić | Songs in Croatian performed by: Maja Posavec | Lighting design: Milan Kovačević | Art design: Klasja Habjan and Zita Nakić Vojnović | Photos: Ana Šesto | Producer: Vitomira Lončar | Production: Triko Cirkus Teatar & Mala scena

Part of the International Clown and Mask Festival: With the support of the Diplomatic Representation of the Government of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium) in the UK.


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