Making their Brighton Fringe debut, Leeds based stand up comedians Kyle Bedder (tall, thin, unhinged) and Dan Powell (short, fat, depressed) present Big Cuck, Little Cuck, a sixty-minute exploration of the perils of toxic masculinity, the merits of leaf blowers on the beach and the similarities between ageing men and gone off yoghurt.

Ripping the hour in two (and squabbling over whose half is bigger and better, you know, like men do) Kyle and Dan will lay their minds, bodies and souls bare, perhaps to the shame and bemusement (but certainly entertainment) of the audience.

Big Cuck, Little Cuck represents the attempts of two white, cis-gendered men to proclaim to be experts on various topics in the way that only white, cis-gendered men can, likely destroying what is left of the shattered reputation of white, cis-gendered men in the process.


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