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Monopoly is a terrible game. No one has ever won a game of Monopoly. It ruins friendships and destroys families. This interactive multimedia extravaganza will update the game for the modern neoliberal world - let's make a game that's more competitive and aggressive and destroy even more families.

“Benjamin Alborough commanded audience attention with a game show host charisma, which made his audience comfortable enough to heckle and yet terrified to go for a piss.” ★★★★★ (Edfringe Review)

Join comedian Benjamin Alborough as he attempts to improve it with YOUR help. In this bold, chaotic, interactive game show, audience members compete against both each other and the host as the audience physically becomes the game board. The show combines role-playing, physical challenges and psychological intimidation to make something that, if not the best board game in the world, is at least short.

★★★★ (Binge Fringe)


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