You are invited to gather as One Tribe to bring hearts and minds together in a dynamic, creative, healing circle for change and transformation. An afternoon of inspirational talks, storytelling and healing transmissions through shamanic-ally infused visionary journeying, drumming and spirit songs. The time is now for us to plant new seeds: to vision in ‘Our New Earth’ as a world, we really wish to live in.

A world that can celebrate all life with peace and love at its core.

Will include a talk to share some of my own colourful journeys to become my own medicine, turning trauma into treasure.
We will welcome a surprise guest, and will also work with a beautiful Native American pow-wow drum and let magic surround us.

I have been blessed by the teachings of indigenous wisdom keepers, shamans and spiritual leaders whose wisdom and transmissions underpin my own work in this world.

I am a Pearl from the wreckage, we all are, so let’s shine together and light up the dark.

Bring a drum/rattle if you have one, your unique voice, sense of humour, pens paper or journal, a willingness to explore your voice, plus openness to healing.

It is participatory and experiential you’ll leave with more than you came with and be invited to share what speaks to your heart.

We will invite the great spirits and our ancestors to weave with us, guiding us on a visionary journey to raise consciousness, to be of greater service to this precious earth.

Experience the power of community and spirit. Get ready to be inspired. Let love be your guiding star.


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