My Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen,
Allow me to introduce myself. Bancroft, at your service.
I am the last in a long line of Funeral Directors. Bancrofts have been holding the hands of the bereaved as they let go of their loved ones for generations, all the while maintaining the quiet dignity, calm reverence and sombre air that should accompany us all as we are borne onwards and towards new life.
I cordially invite you to my parlour. There, I will present myself and our family business for your consideration should the worst befall anyone you love.
Naturally the passing of a loved one is often too painful to contemplate.
However, such contemplation is necessary. At Bancroft we acknowledge that passing is an inevitable fact of life, not only a sombre occasion. We believe that in the right hands it can be treated as a celebration.
You’re in safe hands with Bancroft.

Audience feedback from Edinburgh Horror Festival 2022


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