Aviary Tales presents: Whisper into my Arse. Alf White and Hugh Hurley the two silly boys behind the semi-popular TikTok account, bring you an assortment of silliness that you are welcome to enjoy for a small fee.

Alf White may well hold you captive (in a purely figurative sense) with his poetry and prose that historically has confused some and delighted many. His anthology, which will no doubt soon grace curriculums across the country, offers unique insight into his world of tent salesmen, hamster husbandry and European Erotica. He’s also been on the radio and they don’t just let anyone on.
Testament to this is Hugh Hurley, who as I say hasn’t been on the radio but he has been near one.

This second silly boy presents recollections from his dazzling years in the lighthouse keeping biz, which as I’m sure some of you know is short for business. Delivered in the mildest of manners, lovely knitwear combines with the thorny issue of betrayal to form this half hour of earnest nonsense.


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