The Big Bad Wolf’s destroyed everything.

In a hospital consulting room, all Georgie's expectations for her children’s future have caved in.

She tries to rebuild her family’s life out of the rubble. But as a terrible diagnosis sharpens its claws, with forty-page assessment forms piling up around her and Social Services scratching at the door, will she ever get to it with the bricks and mortar?

I’ll Blow Your House Down has been met with standing ovations, and is described as,

“A riveting presentation. Illuminating and deeply inspirational.”
(The SLATE).

“Georgie Steele’s one-woman show is searing and livid. Her presence is mesmerising.”
(OFS Review).

This is a funny, furious stab-in-the-heart of a show, brought to you from the frontline of family disability.


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