Originally from Australia, Amelia now lives and loves in the land of sausage, socks and sandals and smouldering eye contact; Berlin.

Touring the expansive girth; finding and funding perverted love, true crime and culinary frights, Amelia is an unstoppable adventurer.

Riveting, ribald and completely uncensored; Amelia Jane Hunter is the carnival ride that should have been closed down the day Michael Jacksons’ hair caught fire.

‘Raw, outrageous, completely unapologetic and enthralling to watch‘

Please Note: Tickets for this show can be purchased from the Brighton Fringe website under the Pay What You Want scheme. There is a minimum price set for each ticket, but you can adjust this via a sliding scale up to a maximum of £30. If, at the end of the performance, you feel you have gotten more than your money's worth, then please feel free to add to the "hat" which Amelia will tell you about at the end of the show.


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