The news has been on fire for so long now we're probably out of petrol. Should we all just embrace societal collapse and enter our Last Days of Rome era? This is a show about politics, sex, ageing, nihilism, and maybe hope. In a world where we're always told to pick a side, is there a third option?

Best New Show nominee (Leicester Comedy Festival 2023), British Comedy Guide recommended. Tour support for Frankie Boyle and Eshaan Akbar. As seen and heard on Channel4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra.

'One of the most exciting new acts on the circuit.' - Frankie Boyle

‘A whole lot of laughs’ - The Skinny

'Haddow is going places' - London Evening Standard

‘Defiantly optimistic in a way that’s both refreshing and empowering.’ - Rolling Stone

‘Superbly assured [...] downright impressive’ – The Quintessential Review

‘The laughs come easily and consistently’ - The Reviews Hub


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