BBC Popcorn Award Nominee Abigail Paul, a "transformative talent" who "lights up the stage" (★★★★★, Theatre Weekly), dives into her sophomore solo show Miss Communication, after her lauded debut Involuntary Momslaughter at Edinburgh Fringe 23.

Coined 'Blabby Abby' as a child for her gift of the gab, she uncovers why she traded swampy Florida for her belovedly blunt Germany. She has a knack for saying the quiet part out loud. (Her friends don’t always like it, but audiences certainly do).

In her second comedy hour, she gives her signature snark and sparkle - 'snarkle' ©Trademark Abigail - about her hatred of niceties like tipping and greeting cards, while championing her childfreedom and refusal to accept social norms.

Described as '"likeable"' (Edfringe Review), '"bubbly"' (One4review), and that she '"connects easily with audiences"' (The Wee Review), Theatre Weekly likens her "vibrant personality" to the irreverent Kathryn Hahn. Living life constantly outside her comfort zone has taught her a thing or two. Let her overshare her way into your heart with her signature authentic 'gossip with punchlines' comedy takes.

"Her energy is reminiscent of Kathryn Hahn, using her vibrant personality to breeze through taboo topics." (
"Smart, bright and snappy." (
"Bubbly" (
"Storytelling is Paul’s greatest strength." (
"She is deeply likeable." (
"Connects easily with audiences." (


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