PEOPLE OF BRIGHTON, prepare to cry so hard you accidentally laugh! Feast on a buffet of hardship and despair, where COMEDIANS lay down their jokes, don the fashion of 18th century Paris, and bare their souls as DRAMATIC ACTORS! AUDIENCES are invited to cheer, boo, and throw BANANA PEELS*, whether for the villainous BAILIFF or just a POOR PERFORMANCE, you decide!
*BANANA PEELS provided.

A Director, obsessed with the art of drama, leads his company of "actors" as they perform the well-worn plots of melodramas from the likes of Charles Dickens to Les Mis, and a few of their own creations. Each actor wishes to be seen, to be loved, and to be the star of a great (and dramatic) show, but most of them aren't built for drama. When they fail, they will be punished by an audience armed with banana peels. But in the unlikely event they succeed, laughs will turn to sobs, and it will still be entertaining.


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