Comedy Stand-Up for LGBTQ+ and Allies ONLY. Home Truths, comedy, sadness and hope. Scripted laugh out loud comedy that is sometimes rude, always funny and will definitely make you cry. You will love this.

Chapter 1:
In 1986 Xander knew he was gay, mostly because lovely people used to shout it at him. Hear how he was bullied at school, went to church a LOT, and eventually began to find himself when his sister @Claire_Training came out to him as a lesbian.

Chapter 2
The only "Trans" Xander's church believed in was "Transubstantiation".

Chapter 3
How being a GAY DAD has helped him reframe his anxiety in a surprising yet positive way.

Chapter 4
Find out how his lesbian sister found some sperm, and most importantly what it tasted like.

Chapter 5
Xander reveals which way his Penis Leans and why this discovery may explain the reason Donald Trump is a Twat.


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