Many of the questions that Cosmologists attempt to answer are grand, noble, big questions about the nature of the Universe itself. How did it begin? What is it made of? How big is it? Where did we come from? Where do we go? And where do you come from Cotton Eye Joe?

But what about equally important, more earthly questions that affect us all? Does studying the cosmos give us any more profound insight into Life, Death and all those awkward moments in between?

In a multi-media mash up of comedy and cosmology , Dr Julian Mayers returns with his 2019 sold out show.

Down to earth, accessible, funny and ultimately uplifting, A Cosmologistā€™s Guide to Life and Love will explore; How can you travel in time? What were the chances of you being born? How far would you have to travel to find yourself in an infinite Universe? Do parallel universes exist? Why a physicist should speak at your funeral and how cosmology will ultimately resolve Brexit. Laugh, cry and go "oooh, that's interesting".


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