4 MAY - 3 JUNE 2018

WINDOW Profile: Witt ‘n Camp: SWAG


Our 10 selected WINDOW companies for Brighton Fringe 2018 have now been announced! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be interviewing each of the companies. This week we introduce Witt ‘n Camp and their show 'Witt ‘n Camp: SWAG

What is your event about?

SWAG; you’ve never seen comedy like this before.

SWAG is a wild and joyful celebration of the female identity. Smashing musical theatre with clowning, character-comedy and cabaret, it’s a mad circus complete with hip-hop-opera, parole breaking glamazons and the classiest breast feeding burlesque number you’ll ever see.

Charlie Howitt and Holly Campbell are the acclaimed double act Witt ‘n Camp and work to empower the female voice through comedy. Previous appearances include The Giants Gala (hosted by David Schwimmer) and the Wifi4Refugees Fundraiser alongside James McAvoy. In 2017, they enjoyed sell out shows at Live at Zédel (Soho), Brighton Fringe and were nominated for the Les Enfants Terribles Award.

Why did you decide to make it?

With the social and political landscape being what it is, there’s a lot of things to be anxious about and exhausted by. Sometimes if you hit a wall of exhaustion the only thing you can do is laugh - the hysterical kind, until you’re weeping - and that’s how Witt ‘n Camp came into being. For us that was never about escapism or shutting down but quite simply: the world needs a bit more joy right now. It needs love and laughter and if we can bring audiences together to do that, then that’s what we’re going to do.

Who should see your show? 

Men, women and everyone in-between. Anyone who needs a good laugh or a good cry should see our show. Except children. Please god don’t bring kids. Over 18’s only.

What should audience members expect?

To laugh. A lot.

What are the technical requirements of the event?

The show has been designed as a fringe ready show, ideal for touring, with a quick get in/get out. All the set and props fit in a suitcase and we adapt that set to suit different spaces. Our sound and lighting designer has a technical plan for SWAG which she tailors to the difference venues and their technical capabilities ranging from fairly minimal to the high tech.

In it’s most basic form we need two microphones in two stands and standard lighting cover with a few colours. In in an ideal world, the lighting design would utilize profiles, movers and strobe but we work with what is available to us. The show is music heavy, so a decent sound set up – PA and monitor - is essential. The sound is run off of QLab.

What are your plans post-Brighton Fringe, with this or other work?

We plan to go to the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 with SWAG and preview the show at Live at Zédel (Soho). Ultimately, we want to tour this show as far and wide as we can - we are passionate about performing regionally, across the UK and overseas.

We are looking to grow our company of artists and collaborators, we also want to make work across different mediums and have a few short film projects in development with Black Bee Films.

As a company we want to consolidate our brand and continue to develop unique, high quality entertainment: shows that are inclusive and good natured but that can challenge audiences with intelligent comedy.

What does it mean to you to be selected for WINDOW?

There are many schemes out there for young and emerging companies to put on their first scratch night but opportunities are few and far between to support companies making that transition from ‘emerging’ to really establishing themselves. At our stage, with our show ready to tour, we are really grateful to have been selected for this year’s WINDOW and hope to make the most of this opportunity.

What do you hope to gain from inclusion in WINDOW?

It would be great to talk to specifically to programmers, producers and development agencies but in a wider sense, open up a dialogue with any arts industry professionals who are excited by the work we do. 

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