WINDOW Profile: S/he/it Happens | Brighton Fringe

WINDOW Profile: S/he/it Happens

Our 10 selected WINDOW companies for Brighton Fringe 2018 have now been announced! Over the coming weeks, we'll be interviewing each of the companies. This week we introduce 'S/he/it Happens' by Miranda Porter.

What is your event about?

Gender exploration, physical exasperation, breast manipulation.

Stuck between the gender binary and armed with only a pair of boxers and a photo of a male model, one individual sets out on a violently hilarious attempt to fit.

'S/He/It Happens' is a one-person gender-messing physical comedy show exploring gender expression and identity through slapstick and wit. Contains non-sexual partial nudity.

Why did you decide to make it?

I wanted to make a comedy about gender and planned to create a show about make-up or fashion, having always been terrible at both. Two dozen broken lipsticks later, in an unplanned improvisation, my character started to try to flatten their bare chest. I knew at once I had struck gold, or in this case, flesh, as the narrative was a personal one. I had started binding a few months before but had experienced chest dysphoria since puberty. Making the show, prompted my own gender questioning. It has been both fun and challenging to explore this on and off. The final show serves self-celebration and self-mockery in equal measures. It is empowering to make people laugh with vulnerability and honesty. Realising there were very few trans/gender queer comedies around, I stepped forward and toured internationally to champion the voice of those who can relate. I hope to spread awareness and acceptance of these issues to anyone who likes to laugh.

Who should see your show?

The target demographic would be the gender questioning, LGBTQIA, physical comedy and clowning fans and contemporary theatre audiences. The piece has a wide audience scope due to its comedy, clowning element and light-hearted approach. It would work well early evening and we believe has a great appeal.

What should audience members expect?

To not know where to look.

To laugh.

To wince.

To be challenged on any nudity double-standards.

To reconsider the boundaries of gender. 

What are the technical requirements of the event?

Note: Subject to change as currently in rehearsal.

  • Stage Minimum 3 x 3 m. Maximum 10 x 10 m.
  • General wash required for lighting (no specials).
  • In house sound system used for playing music (MP3/MP4 files or on CD as needed).
  • Need access to one 13A power outlet (can provide extension lead).

What are your plans post Brighton Fringe, with this or other work?

Part of Wandsworth Fringe and Camden Fringe 2018. Interested in 2019 festivals including Prague Fringe, Avignon Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. Received interest to appear at The NouNous Festival in Helsinki in December 2018, and the Silence Festival in Kittilä, Finland in June 2019. Keen to tour the UK and internationally.

What does it mean to you to be selected for WINDOW?

As one of the LGBTQ+ capitals of the UK, and even Europe, it's very exciting to be bringing the show to Brighton! We've enjoyed seeing how different audiences respond and are excited to discover the Brighton audience and Arts Industry reactions.

Having industry professionals take such a keen interest in the piece is a great encouragement. We are very proud to bring a high-quality new LGBTQ+ piece to this platform and we hope the Arts Industry Professionals visiting Brighton will be excited by what we are doing.

What do you hope to gain from inclusion in WINDOW?

We are very interested in partners who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We'd like to be seen by our community and be part of the wider discussion of community's identity, rights and campaign. We are interested in working with educators as we believe the piece could be a great introduction to trans/genderqueer issues for young people.

Meanwhile, it is very important to us that we find partners interested in bringing visibility and quality LGBTQ+ content to audiences/communities new or less familiar with these issues. We are looking to be programmed in festivals and venues both in the UK and internationally and would welcome discussions with the visiting Arts Industry Professionals about how we can reach new audiences.

Alongside 'S/he/it Happens', Miranda is very interested in collaborating on new projects, particularly those focusing on physical comedy and/or LGBTQ+ issues. Miranda has plans for their next show (about rhythm, conducting music and gender…) and is very interested in finding collaborators or hosts for an R&D later this year. They are also currently seeking representation.

S/he/it Happens
7, 17 May 18:45, 25 May 21:30 £7 [50m]
Junkyard Dogs, 142 Edward Street St BN2 0JG