WINDOW Profile: Form | Brighton Fringe

WINDOW Profile: Form

Our 10 selected WINDOW companies for Brighton Fringe 2018 have now been announced! Over the coming weeks, we'll be interviewing each of the companies. This week we introduce Rendered Retina's non-verbal physical theatre performance, 'Form'.

What is your event about?

'Form' is a non-verbal, physical and visual journey into the wonderful worlds our minds transport us to when we are bored. Audiences will see an office space transform before their very eyes as other environments form from stationery, cardboard boxes and 20,000 scrunched paper balls. Combining mime, comedy, object theatre and physical theatre, 'Form' follows the journey of three office workers as they attempt to escape their routine, leaving you with images you will never forget.

Why did you decide to make it?

The idea came from our desire to explore an aspect of the human mind that lies within us all, hence our decision to make the show without language. We wanted to take a space, an environment we all know, and completely transform it; present it in a way that people may not have seen before. There were two images that we knew would book end the show, a regular, untouched office space and that same space but covered in paper balls. The task then was to find the story that linked them together.

Who should see your show?

Form is suitable for anyone 12 and up. It may be especially enjoyable for those who work a 9-5 in an office as you will leave never looking at paper and stationery in the same way again.

What should audience members expect?

Audiences should expect to see a story of escape, of a struggle to break out of monotony. They should expect both comedic and tragic moments as what starts off as a playful daydream becomes darker when the route back to reality is cut off. Therein lies questions around the balance of work and play and the loneliness of the deeper parts of our mind.

What are the technical requirements of the event?

Lighting requirements consist of a general rig with the ability to create full and focused coloured washes with rigged spots, however these requirements are negotiable. Sound requirements consist of a general PA system with monitors and an aux. input. Soundtrack will be supplied on a USB drive, however the company can supply a device for playback.

What are your plans post Brighton Fringe, with this or other work?

After Brighton Fringe, 'Form' is going to the Prague Fringe Festival and to Ruhrfestspiele in Germany after which it shows at The Drayton Arms Theatre. There are currently plans to possibly take 'Form' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Nordic Fringe Network this year. Our new show 'Dugout' also begins development later this year.

What does it mean to you to be selected for WINDOW?

Being selected for WINDOW is one of the biggest opportunities our company has been given to date. Having your show marketed to 2000+ arts industry professionals as 'one to watch' is a very exciting prospect. This could possibly extend our tour, introduce us to producers, expand our network of contacts, the list goes on! We're very excited to have this platform and hope it can be a springboard to even more opportunities.

What do you hope to gain from inclusion in WINDOW?

With our in inclusion in WINDOW we hope to increase our following as a professional company with the possibility of building relationships with venues and festivals, thereby aiding us with the potential to reach larger audiences across the country. We also hope to receive advice and guidance from industry professionals, in order for us to continue to grow and develop as a company.

5-7 May 16:15 £12(£10.50) [55m]
The Warren: The Hat, St Peter's Church North BN1 4GU