What Doesn't Kill You Blah Blah Stronger | Brighton Fringe

What Doesn't Kill You [Blah Blah] Stronger

Preview By Logan MacLeod

Award Winner 2018

Two-time award-winning show What Doesn’t Kill You blah blah Makes You Stronger is sailed its way to Brighton Fringe, this May.

An off-the-cuff chat about nautical disasters has led to an inspiring story of people surviving against all odds, truly bleak tragedies and turning those tragedies into original comedy.

Violet Jessop, a British stewardess, survived the Titanic disaster in 1912. She had already survived the HMS Olympic disaster in 1911. Unbelievably, in 1916 she tested her chances for a third time and boarded the Titanic’s sister ship the HMS Britannic in 1916 and again it was a disaster but she once again lived to tell the tale. Known as Miss Unsinkable, Violet died naturally in 1971, aged 81.

And now the crazy tale of perseverance is retold in a new show by Holland St Productions.

The Two-time award-winning show What Doesn’t Kill You blah blah Makes You Stronger debuted last year in Western Australia, and is now sailing its way to Brighton Fringe.

Creators Tyler Jacob-Jones and Erin Hutchinson were inspired to create the show after talking about Violet's story. This against-all-odds tale sparked an interest in Jacob-Jones and Hutchinson and they became enthralled with the idea of searching for tales of people’s persistence through tragedy. Their search threw up some truly sublime and ridiculous stories of survival.

Hutchinson describes the show as: “A rollercoaster of a cabaret that makes you laugh, cry, and cringe. You’ll come away with some brilliant stories to tell at dinner parties, some serious earworms you may not ever get rid of, and you’ll most likely be keen to double check our facts.”

Jacob-Jones and Hutchinson perform the show themselves, with musical accompaniment composed by Robert Woods and performed by Joshua Haines.

Though the show was only debuted a year ago, the team have been blown away with the audience following and accolades it has received.

Hutchinson said: “We debuted at Fringe World in Perth, Western Australia, in 2018 and it was supposed to be our ‘year off’, putting together a fun little piece for just the two of us to have a play on stage. We were thoroughly delighted that the show received the response it did and that the audiences and judges loved the stories as much as we do.”

The pair have used the Martin Sims Award prize money – the top prize at Perth fringe – to make the long haul journey to perform in Brighton

What Doesn’t Kill You blah blah Makes You Stronger appeared at Brighton Fringe on May 18, 20 and 21, at The Warren: The Blockhouse, Victoria Gardens Grand Parade.

More information can be found here