Trash Test Dummies are sweeping Brighton Fringe | Brighton Fringe

Trash Test Dummies are sweeping Brighton Fringe

Preview By Alice Leader

Award Winner 2018

Audiences are set to be engaged, cheered and galvanised by award-winning show Trash Test Dummies.

This family-friendly comedy circus show is coming to Brighton Fringe to bring cackles, chuckles and some “wheelie” good stunts.

Creator Jamie Bretman said: “These world-class circus performers take household wheelie bins to new heights with riotous stunts and an astonishing display of balance, acrobatics, slapstick and juggling. They can also expect a giant ball fight!”

Not only will this exuberant show entertain younger minds, the adults will be laughing just as loud at the gags which will go right over the kids' heads.

Jamie said: “The show has been likened to a Pixar film in that way. We want the atmosphere to be fun and engaging where the performers inspire the audience through their childlike sense of joy and imaginative play.”

That sense of joy begins immediately as the performers come into the audience before the show begins.

Expect to be climbed over and hidden under while you “sit in your seat and enjoy the magic”.

So let The Trash Test Dummies draw you into their whimsical world and invite you to take a fresh new look at the noble, underestimated, humble wheelie bin.

Trash Test Dummies came to Brighton Fringe May 25 – 27 at The Warren: The Hat, Victoria Gardens, Grand Parade, BN1 1UB.