Julian Caddy (CEO)

Image: David Smith

I’ve been having ‘fun’ homeschooling 3 boys and then running them outside afterwards to get rid of energy.  While playing rugby, we caught sight of Nick Cave watching us from his balcony!

Rosie Blackwell-Sutton (Marketing Manager)

I have mainly been spending my time baking, cuddling my cat, watching TikTok videos (and maybe even creating one) and going for short strolls. I have also been enjoying Disney+ and rewatching The Simpsons from the start! 

Robert Batson (Business Development Advisor)

I'm spending the unnatural amount of free time re-learning the worst instrument in the world (guess which). One positive thing about isolation is no-one has to hear me practise. 

Chelsey Bricknell (Marketing Coordinator)

My goal is to crochet the entire cast of Harry Potter.

Jamie Haas (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Jamie's guitar

I've been spending my evenings building a guitar from scratch! I started the project almost 10 years ago when I was 14, and quarantine has given me an excuse to finally getting around to finishing it. 

Mia Cormack (Production and Distribution Coordinator)

Mia's books

I’ve started FaceTime French lessons with my grandma and that I’m finally making a start on the pile of books that’s been accumulating next to my bed! 

Cameron Brown (Participant Services Coordinator)

Cameron's pedalboard

Following on with the guitar theme, I've been making a little pedalboard for my guitar pedals out of an old chair and and a bit of old bed.

Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt (Box Office Manager)

a model employee

I am throwing myself into the new Animal Crossing game and making my little island the cutest it can be. I'm living in an imaginary paradise. Also I am doing loads more cooking so I will soon be the best cook in the world, officially. 

It is not that inspirational but it sure is distracting.