In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy | Brighton Fringe

In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy

Feature By Harvey Sayer

Award Winner 2018

Feminist collective Clap Back Club return to Brighton Fringe this May, to continue to exercise their right to respond to those telling them who they should be.

This season's offering is In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy, a funeral for the man we’ve all come to know, and love to hate.

The service will be held at One Church on May 18 and 25, and everyone is ‘corrodingly’ invited to celebrate Pat Riarchy’s life, and of course, death.

Last year the feminist collective enthralled audiences, leaving their jaws aching and minds racing in equal amounts with their thought-provoking performance of Love Letters to Rappers.

Pat’s service is likely to be a touch more morbid, but certainly not sombre, 'calling out the dangers of systematic oppression'.

During the musical-theatre-comedy-funeral friends and family will recite accounts that will make you: “Laugh, cry and have songs stuck in your head for weeks afterwards.”

Last year’s performance received a 2018 Brighton Fringe Audience Choice Award and building upon that success the production game has been upped, with the content focusing on highlighting the feminist community as the inclusive and positive place it is.

Though more importantly than anything else the collective said: “Winning the Audience Choice Award affirmed for us that having difficult conversations about prejudice is something most people want to be part of, and comedy theatre is an uplifting way to do that.”

This will almost certainly be unlike any funeral you’ve attended before, with uplifting quirks to lighten the mood.

One Church is the ideal setting as it immediately puts you in the space of a typical funeral environment.

The collective said: “While the production does not touch on religion, Pat Riarchy would absolutely consider himself a messiah of some sort.”

Throughout Clap Back Club’s work, especially In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy, the collective draws: “huge inspiration” from Jayde Adams, “as female performers she’s really nailed the boundaries of call out comedy".

The collective’s ambition for the show and the rest of the year is to “carry on exploring different ways to support womxn in the community. The patriarchy exists literally everywhere in every industry, so we don’t have many limits of what to cover next. We have a very specific talent for turning whatever we want into a musical.”

Womxn being a reference to women who have been empowered to differentiate themselves from the patriarchal system that governs them, by any means possible.

Where Clap Back Club will travel next on their journey through feminism is uncertain, though you certainly shouldn’t miss this latest instalment.

In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy came to Brighton Fringe May 25 at One Church.