by AshGate Heritage Arts

The Crooked Spire: A Medieval Murder-Mystery Musical

The Crooked Spire

Based on Chris Nickson's exciting novel, this musical in the making finds John Carpenter confronted with intrigue, violence and murder trying to prove his innocence. Join the cast for a tantalizing preview of this new piece by award winning playwright Mary Hennessy with Martin Coslett and Peter Gray (music and lyrics).

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by Brighton Ceilidh Collective

Big Virtual Fringe Halloween Ceilidh

Big Fringe Virtual Ceilidh

Back for a 5th year, join Brighton Ceilidh Collective on Halloween for a night of fun ceilidh dancing, in the comfort of your own home. Followed by a relaxed fireside afterparty. It doesn't matter if you've never ceilidh'd before, or if you're on your own or with friends, family, pets, cuddly toys, whatever - our brilliant caller Gill Emerson will talk you through all the dance steps before and during dances. 

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by Laughing Horse Comedy

Show Up, Kids! Interactive Family Comedy - Halloween Special!

Show Up, Kids!

Kids from all over the world will feel like they're a part of this groundbreaking interactive live event, with a Halloween twist! They'll hear their names, offer story suggestions, and will be called on to help Pete put on a real live show from his NYC apartment. This interactive, semi-improvised, family show for kids 3-10 years old puts a wildly comedic twist on the traditional kids’ show. When the main attraction doesn’t show up, Pete enlists the help of the kids to help create a story by providing prompts and controlling everything from plot to props, characters to costumes, and settings to sound in a one-of-a-kind, 50-minute laughfest.

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by Theodora van der Beek

Ram of God, the Film

Ram of God

Welcome to the church of Ram, where sheep are people, people are sheeple and the apocalypse is just getting started. Bow down, confess your darkest sins and suckle on the holy teat. Only Ram of God can save you now! Developed with Soho Theatre and supported by Arts Council England, Ram of God is a playful takedown of masculinity and its shadowy cheerleaders. 

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by Jason Buck Storyteller

Legends of Ancient Egypt

Legends of Egypt

Myths, life, death and rebirth, as Gods walk the earth in the land of the pyramids and the Nile, under the ancient desert sun. From the creation of the Universe, through the battles of the Gods to the ending of the world. Ageless stories told live, for a modern audience, by award-winning storyteller Jason Buck.

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by Lita Doolan Productions

A Last Gasp

A Last Gasp

Hear gripping tales of devastation, loss and hope; all sent in from around the world. 'After catching a breath and seeing what's gone, every day becomes precious.' With animal species on the decline and forest fires on the up, this event shows how small pieces of the world can be rescued. Performed by a thrilling cast; poetry and short plays written by 10 exciting authors reveal 'A Last Gasp'. Discover how everyday objects can save the day.

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