4 MAY - 3 JUNE 2018

#FundFringe: Our International Impact

Brighton Fringe aims to secure the global stage

Brighton Fringe, as we all know, is a much loved smorgasbord of local talent, bringing an array of wonderful and diverse art forms to the community of Brighton & Hove.

However, as well as showcasing work from fantastic performers and artists across Brighton and Sussex, Brighton Fringe is also an internationally acclaimed festival, with acts pouring in from all across the globe. In 2017 we had 109 events spanning 28 countries, and this year is promising to be even bigger, with six out of seven continents represented (Antarctica, hit us up).

In 2017 we launched our inaugural Dutch Season; collaborating with the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and Amsterdam Fringe, the season showcased work from award-winning companies, and gave Brighton Fringe audiences the rare opportunity to experience some of the most exciting and challenging work to come out of the Netherlands in recent years.

In 2018, we have taken the success and experience of this first Dutch Season to grow our international presence, and we are delighted to be running both a Dutch & Flemish Season and a Finnish Season at Brighton Fringe this year. Our Dutch & Flemish season will showcase five outstanding award-winning events from Amsterdam Fringe 2017; there will also be associated workshops hosted by the Dutch and Flemish companies to share their expertise and ideas for creating an award-winning show. We are delighted to be collaborating once again with the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and Amsterdam Fringe, as well as an exciting new partnership with the Government of Flanders, who have all enabled us to bring these wonderful events to Brighton.

Our Finnish Season was born (as with many great ideas) from a discussion down the pub on a Friday night. Fast forward a few months, with the support and backing of the Embassy of Finland and The Finnish Institute in London, we are overjoyed to be launching an official Finnish Season for 2018. Ten of the most original and eccentric acts will be descending on Brighton in the latter half of May, giving audiences the opportunity to canter across the city howling like a wolf, view a city-wide series of environmentally focussed street art, or experience a clown performance which promises to be a ‘mix of classical pantomime with porn and splatter imagery.’ What more could you possibly ask for?

Brighton Fringe has also been an active founding member of the World Fringe Alliance since 2011, which strives to create strong pathways for artists to work abroad and share ideas. We believe it’s really important to create platforms for a wide range of diverse and multicultural art forms, and aim to develop this further each year with some very exciting international collaborations in the pipeline for 2019.

As you may be aware, Brighton Fringe unfortunately lost its main headline sponsor in 2018, resulting in a budget deficit of 20%. In order for us to continue to grow and develop these vitally important international collaborations, we need your help. Please consider donating to our Crowdfunding campaign; even the smallest amount can make a huge difference, plus by donating you’ll be rewarded with experiences, tickets and more. 


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Image: Blackpool, Finnish Season 2018