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A Midsummer Night's Fringe: 'Epicene'

Why #ILOVEFRINGE: Paul Diello, 'Epicene'

In the lead up to our inaugural summer fundraising gala, A Midsummer Night's Fringe, we've asked the performers in our show-stopping line-up to share their experiences of taking part in England's largest arts festival and their motivation to support its future. This week we spoke to Paul Diello, the award-winning singer and songwriter from 'Epicene', coming to the gala at Brighton Open Air Theatre on Tuesday 3 July. Get your tickets now!

Why is Brighton Fringe important to you?

Because Brighton is my home town so bringing my show home to perform it for the people who know me best is a great feeling. Brighton is very much an important part of the story I'm telling in Epicene so it feel great to be able to share that with the people of Brighton.

How has being part of Brighton Fringe helped you?

It's helped me enormously, I debuted my show at Brighton Fringe in 2017 and I actually wrote it with Brighton Fringe in mind, this is where I wanted to start the journey for Epicene. Performing every weekend at Fringe City has helped get the name out there and we've met so many other performers and crew and there's such a sense of community between the whole Fringe team.

What’s the best thing about Brighton Fringe?

Seeing Brighton come alive in May, the pop up venues, the hunger for art, entertainment and creativity amongst the people and within myself. The atmosphere is electric!

What’s your best memory of Brighton Fringe?

Performing at the family picnic in Pavillion Gardens, at a pick of the Fringe show at The Warren, two main stage performances for Fringe City on New Road and two sell out shows at The Brunswick all in one weekend!

What would you say to a performer thinking about taking part?

Do it! It's such a great way to generate publicity for your performance, you'll meet loads of like minded people and feel like part of an amazing community of creativity.

Why should people attend A Midsummer Night’s Fringe?

Because it's going to be jam packed with talent and fantastic performances, because it'll be a great way to relive the magic of the Fringe and because it's so important that Fringe comes back next year so this is a great way to support it and help raise funds. 

A Midsummer Night's Fringe
Tuesday July 3
7pm - 9:30pm
Tickets £25