Celebrate Fringe | Brighton Fringe

Celebrate Fringe

an end of fringe poem by Julian Caddy, ceo of brighton fringe

A time to heal

A nightmare to forget


A time to celebrate

To reconfigure

To reset


From isolation and doubt

We were down

But fought our way out


We proved to the naysayers

Surprised even ourselves


That somehow we did it

People loved it


We helped.


So here’s to the fringe heroes

The makers, the doers

To those who believed in us

The shakers, the movers


And thank you for joining us

Welcoming us back

Restoring within us

Any faith that we lack


Working out how to keep paying the rent

While avoiding becoming a super-spreader event


Funded or not we are here and alive

Whose right to decide who or what should survive?


Covid, football, and rain

May add to the pain


But we got here and we can’t wait

To celebrate with you again.