4 MAY - 3 JUNE 2018

7 Things that are 'so very Brighton' back for Brighton Fringe in 2018

From May to June, Brighton’s creative soul is showcased in a variety of venues across the city. The weird and wonderful spills out onto the streets throughout Brighton Fringe in a way that just couldn't happen anywhere else. Here are 7 things to expect at Brighton Fringe 2018 that are just so very Brighton!

1. Street Performers

In some cities the streets are paved with gold, during Brighton Fringe they’re paved with performers and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Fringe City will be back for every weekend of May 2018, showcasing all the very best of Brighton Fringe over 3 outdoor stages on New Road.

2. Cabaret

Glitter, feathers, heels and hair. Cabaret is just one of the 14 event categories at Brighton Fringe, but takes the cake for being the most 'Brighton'. 

3. Drag Queens 

Brighton's LGBTQ+ community know very well that gender is a drag. With the likes of Alfie Ordinary and Cinebra taking home The Pebble Trust International Touring Bursary Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, nothing celebrates drag culture like a month of Fringe.

4. Family Events 

Nothing is more 'Brighton' than a circus tent full of hip Hanover parents and their organic-cotton-wearing tots bobbing along to Fat Boy Slim. Baby Discos are just one of the 100s of family-friends events returning to Brighton Fringe this May. 

5. Bars 

We all know Brightonians love to drink. Brighton Fringe is famous for turning pubs into theatres and shipping containers into pubs and tents into bars. May means a mass influx of pop-up drinking spaces and places. Oh, so Brighton! 

6. Costumes 

Walk down the street any day in Brighton and notice the bright pallets of Brightonian's wardrobes. It's no surprise that during May you'll see lions ordering pints, show girls in the frozen aisle and drag queens...well...everywhere

7. Lack of Costumes

The only thing more outrageous than the costumes of Brighton Fringe are the lack of them. Late night Fringe shows are nothing without nudity and what's the point in having nipples if you can't free them? Brighton Fringe encourages the stripping off and baring all, much like a Saturday night on West Street!