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We are delighted to welcome an exclusive selection of critically-acclaimed, award-winning companies from the Netherlands as part of the Brighton Fringe International Seasons 2018.

This season is supported by the The Embassy of The Kingdom of The NetherlandsGovernment of Flanders and Fonds Podium Kunsten.

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My Father Held A Gun

A passionate, storytelling show with live cinematic music about war and peace, acts of heroism, and the love for life. Winner of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival Gold Award 2017. Iranian Sahebdivani and Israeli Rodan combine a great sense of humor with the urge to tell sincere and meaningful stories. By trying to answer the question “why do men make war?”, they take their audience on a trip through space and time. Directed by: Vasile Nedelcu. "When they start telling a story, the audience is listening so quietly that you could hear a pin drop" (Theaterkrant)  

**** (Theaterkrant) 

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Don't Worry Be Yoncé (XS)

Diva, queen, sex bomb, mother, business woman, wife, feminist – #FLAWLESS. She is everything. She has everything. So why not become her? Let Us Upgrade U: 'Don't Worry Be Yoncé (XS)' is an easy, step-by-step tutorial (beginner/intermediate/advanced) on how everyone can become Queen B. Liberté, Egalité, Be Yoncé: Because everyone deserves to be Bey. 

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De Fuut

By Bastiaan Vandendriessche - Belgian playwright. Winner of 'Best International Award' at Amsterdam Fringe 2017, Bastiaan Vandendriessche tells a Lolita-like story - a monologue of a charming persona with improper, dark desires. 

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Not Somewhere Else

Monki’s debut performance colours outside the lines of the conventional circus genre. In just an hour, he manages to conjure up a uniquely personal universe in which he combines double pole acrobatics with spoken word, live music, video and a touch of madness. Monki is a character all on his own. He shares funny, sometimes moving, moments of his frustrations and fears about the way in which we live together. 'Not Somewhere Else' is an intimate and raw solo show that offers a look in to Monki’s chaotic and intriguing world. 

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Mick Jagger is My Nightmare

With flailing arms, grotesque faces, and a lot of sweat, Dutch performer Marius Mensink attempts to exorcise the Rolling Stones' front man out of his own body. This intense physical performance was an immediate cult hit at Cape Town Fringe. Amsterdam Fringe Festival Silver Award Winner 2013/2014.

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my father held a gun

Workshop: Live Music in Theatre, Creating and Playing Music for a Theatre Piece

How can we enhance the impact of a theatre play with live music? An interactive workshop where participants are welcome to bring their own compositions to play or improvise. Guillermo Celano is a composer and improvisor who won the North Sea Jazz Composition Award 2013; Iman Spaargaren is a multi reed player and composer. 

24 May 2018, 2:15pm, 1 hour, £10

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Flux Writing: A Dance With Your Own (Un)consciousness

What really goes on in our head? Is it true? What we believe to think? Is it beautiful? Is it confronting? And is it honest? What can you learn from your thoughts? They have more to offer than you could imagine. If you try to register them and take them apart, they can tell you a whole new story. In this workshop Belgian playwright Bastiaan Vandendriessche will teach you some exercises that can inspire you in your own creative writing process. Even if you have the tendency to believe that you are not creative, this can be truly unravelling...

26 May 2018, 11am, 1 hour, £10

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Abstractionpark 7090: Preparing for Take-Off

7090 are the hosts of a playground full of music, films and installations. It offers a warm place to their strange, obscure but mainly curious takes on life. 7090 are called "The Bermuda Triangle of performing arts." We have no idea what this means, but it sure sounds like fun!

Touch tours are available before each performance. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early, and ask upon arrival.

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WATCHING, Ceci n'est pas de Deux  

"Dutch Season Stand-out Show" (The Argus)

A solo-duet created and performed by Flying Solo and Amsterdam Fringe award-winner Ester Natzijl. A mesmerising mix of puppetry, theatre and dance that provides different views of what a relationship can be. The performance carves a tender, entrancing portrayal of horror and humour, with an animated and sometimes extremely evil avatar.

"Redefines theatre and dance" ***** (Reviews Hub)

"An experience that lingers long after the performance is over" (Exeunt Magazine)

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