Louise Rogers | Brighton Fringe

Louise Rogers

Board Member

Louise has lived in or around Brighton on and off for over 30 years and is passionate about the iconic and unique cultural heritage of the city. She is an Operational Advisor, Chair and NED in a handful of Private Equity-backed businesses mainly in the EdTech, digital media and classified/recruitment spaces in Europe and the US. She is also a founder partner, and investor at Ozy.com a US digital media, TV and live-events start-up, based in Silicon Valley but now making waves across the US and beyond.

On joining the board: "Brighton Fringe makes up some of the most precious fabric of what makes Brighton so special - and indeed, what makes the UK performance and arts sector one of the most creative and successful in the world. It is a huge honour for me to be able to help just a little in making sure that is even more true going forward". 

How do you hope to impact Brighton Fringe going forward? ''In my day job I work with companies from a number of industries that have been hugely impacted by COVID in many different ways - working with them on dealing with that, surviving and prospering. I want to bring some of that insight into helping Brighton Fringe move forward and become bigger and better when we can take the Brighton stage once again''.