Your Body Is a Wasteland
Sometime in the future, their world ends.
That's only the beginning.

Piece together digital remnants of a forgotten world, following our protagonist as they travel the apocalyptic wastes. A deeply felt story of chronic illness, time, and hope.

When your body betrays you, where can you turn?

This show is told in real time across the duration of Brighton Fringe, and all can be accessed from the show link. The show will be live from 4th of May. Return often, things change every day!

Company: Tempest Theatre Co

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 1440 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 17

Upper Age Suitability: +

Under 2's will require a concession ticket.

Venues: Brighton Fringe Streaming

Content Warnings:
Loud Noises Nudity References to Mental Illness References to Suicide/Self Harm References to Violence Contains Swearing Audience Interaction Additional Content Warning: Dystopia/distressing themes.

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Standard: £7

Conc: £3


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