The Sahaj Path of Self-Knowledge and Creativity
Join us on an enlightened journey of live performance, music, dance, poetry, and guided meditation. Throughout time, people turned to meditation to discover truth and know themselves and their place in the world. Poets and prophets spoke of a path to inner peace. A middle way to spiritual evolution, where balance of the left and right nadis allows activation of the central channel and of Yoga: the union of the individual spirit and the infinite. 2023 celebrates the Centenary of the birth of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Through knowledge she shared with us, in her Sahaja Yoga work, we are enabled to feel, understand, and apply this ancient science in modern life. The knowledge is always given free, as true spiritual experience is beyond materialism and cannot be bought.
Sahaj artists, poets, musicians, and dancers will share their joy of this feeling of oneness through their art.
All are welcome to join us in this unique evening of discovery, entertainment, and shared spiritual experience!

Company: Sahaja Yoga Brighton


Genre: Workshops

Duration: 150 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 0

Upper Age Suitability: +

Under 2's are allowed in for free on the lap of a guardian.

Venues: Brighton Unitarian Church

Accessible Toilet Accessible Parking Assistance Dogs Welcome Wheelchair Access

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Sun 14th May 4.00pm

Brighton Unitarian Church

Standard: FREE


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