That's Not My Name

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The 2023 sell-out show returns!

This is NOT a show about mental health. In fact, this is NOT a show. THIS is a disorder.

We’re just joking. We’re HALF joking. We’re BORDERLINE joking.

Have we rehearsed it? Possibly.

Have we written it? It depends.

Is there a script? Unclear.

But it is a comedy, right? A comedy about severe mental illness?! Who would do such a thing?!

You. You psychopath. Fair enough.

So it’s a PLAY? No it’s not a f*cking play. F*ck off.

That's Not My Name is 75 minutes of complete carnage in the form of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy speaking to the insanity of Psychiatry, labels and our mental health system.

Written & Performed by Sammy Trotman
Created by Covered in Jam
Produced by ASYLUM Arts Associate
Produced by Brightmouth Productions
Directed by Jake Rix
Light and Sound by Scott Ward


A masterpiece of mess

- Broadway Baby, ★★★★★

A masterclass in storytelling and character performance

- Lost in Theatreland, ★★★★★

‘That’s Not my Name’ invites one to leave our labels and diagnosis at the door and truly listen to how one person chooses to show up for themselves again and again each day.

- North West End, ★★★★★

Company: Covered in Jam/ASYLUM Arts/Brightmouth Productions


Genre: Theatre

Duration: 80 mins

Venues: The Rotunda Theatre Brighton: Bubble

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible

Age suitability:
16+ (Restriction)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Audience Interaction Audience Interaction

 Strong Language Strong Language

 Nudity Nudity

 Loud Noises Loud Noises

 References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse

 References to Mental Illness References to Mental Illness

 Depictions and references to Violence Depictions and references to Violence

Additional Content Warning:
Extensive exploration of mental illness, diagnosis, institutionalisation, psychiatry and mental trauma, audience participation, food and drink consumed on stage, partial nudity, strong language, loud noises, flashing lights and scenes of violence.

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