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Skeleton Women

Sat 20th May - Sun 21st May
The Actors - Theatre
Literature & Spoken Word
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The Skeleton Woman is thrown into the sea because SHE DID SOMETHING. The deep dark water withers her to a pile of bones. One day she is discovered by a fisherman who, terrified, tries to flee from her. But she will not give up on the chance of life that easily.

The Skeleton Woman's story is the life force in all of us. When we get broken down how do we build ourselves up again? How do we find joy, warmth, and compassion when tragedy strikes or change happens outside of our control? How do we learn to love, and love again?

Triarchy was intrigued by the themes of this traditional Inuit tale and how it corresponds to life as women in our mid 30's. Combining harp, poetry, dance, song and storytelling we aim to weave the ancient in with the modern, wrapping the audience in an experience that is raw, sexy, gut-wrenching, vulnerable and playful.

Triarchy is Katrina Pike, Lou Bland, and Ocean Hummingbird. We are established poets, storytellers, dancers, musicians and friends, doing life together.


Sat 20th May 17:00 (60 mins)
The Actors - Theatre
Guide dog friendly Refreshments available
Sun 21st May 17:00 (60 mins)
The Actors - Theatre
Guide dog friendly Refreshments available

Event Details

60 mins
From £8
The Actors - Theatre
Guide dog friendly Refreshments available

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