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Hello R Novices, Nerds, and Nobles! Summer is coming, and so is another instalment of insightful talks to BrightonR! Bring ya friends, we'll bring the bubbles.

We are ecstatic to be holding our May event in Barclays Eagle Labs in Brighton. Presented by R-extraordinaire, Jeremy Horne, Director at Datacove.

To begin, we are thrilled to be hosting a talk from, Uzair Aslam, Data Scientist at Stats Devs and creator of the first R Meetup in Pakistan! He will be sharing a talk with us titled, "Upwork Market Analysis in R". This talk demonstrates practical applications of data-driven decision-making in the Freelance industry. Uzair will share insights into the top skills required by the clients in Development, Data Science and Marketing Jobs.

After, we have the pleasure of being joined by Andrew Collier, Lead Data Scientist at Fathom Data. He will be delivering us a talk on "Desert Island Docker in R". Continuing, he explains, "What 3 Docker images would you choose if you were shipwrecked on a desert island? Choosing the right images will determine whether you are rescued or end up in a cannibals' cooking pot. Docker is an essential tool for survival as an R developer, regardless of whether you are stranded or not."

Now, for the part you are all waiting for – refreshments! Drinks and nibbles will be served from 6pm. The talks will commence at 7pm and the event will conclude at 8pm. Plus, merchandise from Posit will be available!

The conversation will continue after the event at The Joker Pub (Preston Road), for anyone who wishes to continue talking all things R!

Company: Silicon Brighton

Genre: Workshops

Duration: 150 mins

Venues: Barclays Eagle Labs

Venue Accessibility:

For any queries about venue accessibility, including step free access, please contact box office.

Age suitability:
18+ (Restriction)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Audience Interaction Audience Interaction

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May 23, 2024


Barclays Eagle Labs

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