Missing Link Touring Theatre Showcase 1

#FindYour Funny, Weird, Thrill

An unnerving triple bill showcase for anyone seeking quality discomfort, full of absurdist, post-modern theatricality.

SchauLust by Robin Cain is a postmodern, physically bizarre commentary on the exploitation of women in horror and pornographic films; one feminist clawing knuckle deep at the patriarchal gaze of these media, exploring how we live to gain power from it or escape it.

The Party at the End of the World! By Dead Mouth Theatre, where the boys are celebrating the end of the world, and you’re all invited! An absurd comedy with just a lick of despair. It’s going to kick ass. It’ll have pizza, pizazz, and possibly Cthulhu.

Binge by pulse8 Theatre, the category is: cheese, sex, and socio-political realness. A queer exploration and exploitation of consumerism full of grotesque physical theatre creating what could only be described as every politician's wet dream.

You may never look at humanity in the same way.


At its heart there is just joy onstage.

- Fringe Review (for Missing Link's Burnt Lavender, 2023)

Burnt Lavender is a beautiful, hard-hitting piece about queer history.

- BingeFringe (for Missing Link's Burnt Lavender, 2023), ★★★

A lovely narrative on queer culture and history... executed beautifully.

- Theatre Scotland (for Missing Link's Burnt Lavender), ★★★

Company: Missing Link Touring Theatre

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 135 mins

This event has an interval.

Venues: Rotunda Theatre Brighton: Bubble

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible

Age suitability:
16+ (Restriction)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Audience Interaction Audience Interaction

 Strong Language Strong Language

 Nudity Nudity

 Strobe Lights in Use Strobe Lights in Use

 Loud Noises Loud Noises

 References to Sexual Abuse References to Sexual Abuse

 Depictions and references to Violence Depictions and references to Violence

Additional Content Warning:
Sexual references.

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May 14, 2024


Rotunda Theatre Brighton: Bubble

Standard: £10

Conc: £8

May 17, 2024


Rotunda Theatre Brighton: Bubble

Standard: £10

Conc: £8


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