Kid's Interactive Ukulele Show: Ukeboxbaby
Ukulele interactive show with ukulele lessons, educational games, dances, bubbles, glitter cannons, parachutes, ribbon sticks and more.

There are ukuleles for children to borrow, to have a go at learning ukulele songs on-stage, at key points within the show.

A ukulele version of the famous children's story 'The Rainbow Fish'. Ukeboxbaby performers, actress, Zee, and singers, Penny, and Gina perform the story, as seen at Camp Bestival on one of the main stages.

Penny Hartley and Gina Ardines perform a variety of children's, pop and dance songs for children's and parents' listening pleasure throughout.

Penny has performed with the likes of Saint Saviour, the lead singer of Groove Armada and Gina Ardines is a first-class music graduate, with a postgraduate in music production.
Their final song is a song that was produced by Ukeboxbaby, specifically for this show.

The set was designed by BAFTA award-winning Rob Cameron, who designed the set for Game of Thrones. There are helium fish, glitter cannons, water guns, giant bubbles and more throughout this very interactive show. Children can join in all the way through.

Ukeboxbaby teaches in four local schools, including the prestigious Brighton Girl's School.
They also run family events, for instance at Fat Boy Slim's 'Big Beach Cafe'. They perform at a host of festivals and parties. Their shows are very interactive, which keeps children entertained. Their show stories are extremely creative, always with an element of the unexpected. Ukeboxbaby is on a mission to spread joy of music to growing minds.

Company: Ukeboxbaby - Spreading the joy of music to growing minds.


Genre: Children & Young People

Duration: 60 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 0

Upper Age Suitability: 11

Under 2's are allowed in for free on the lap of a guardian.

Venues: Caravanserai Brighton: Luna Parc

Accessible Toilet Assistance Dogs Welcome Wheelchair Access

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Mon 29th May 10.00am

Caravanserai Brighton: Luna Parc

Standard: £8

Standard: £8


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