Kakande African Drummers
Traditional West African music brought to you by Brighton's longest running Djembe drumming group. Led by Master Drummer Ali Baba, from Guinea, this work is unforgettable. Ali and his troupe will bring you the energy and warmth of Africa to you personally at this intimate venue. Be ready to dance, sing and feel the music is every fibre of your body.

Kakande drummers have previously been nominated for best music at Brighton Fringe. This year promises to be their best yet, having recently travelled to Guinea to bring you the best traditional music West Africa has to offer.

Company: Kakande Drummers


Genre: Music & Nightlife

Duration: 120 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 18

Upper Age Suitability: +

Under 2's are allowed in for free on the lap of a guardian.

Venues: Latest Music Bar

Assistance Dogs Welcome

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Fri 26th May 8.30pm

Latest Music Bar

Standard: £10

Conc: £7.50


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