Jemima Smallbones
"Fantastic piece akin to Talking Heads and very like Alan Bennett with its slow reveal of true picture. Worth a watch."
(CJ Hooper, Laughter Lines)

Jemima Smallbones has come into ''new'' money through her husband's fluttering and therefore reminisces to the audience about the frustrations of NOT ever being a lesbian... "Think Shirley Valentine meets Birds of a Feather."
Sara Louise Aston plays Jemima and the show was created following a meeting Sara had with some American Casting Directors who watched her perform a snippet of the show which at the time was just a 1 minute monologue titled "When I was 17".

When Sara told the Casting Directors she had written the piece they advised her to turn the monologue into a one woman show because Sara's writing and performance style impressed them. Sara plays Jemima with a slightly innocent but deadpan tone and engages with the audience playfully and sweetly but with touch of mischievous behaviour.

Company: Sara LA Productions

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 35 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 14

Upper Age Suitability: +

Venues: Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant

Assistance Dogs Welcome

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Sun 28th May 2.15pm

Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant

Standard: FREE


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