Home: The Intimacy of Debt and Inequality
This aerial circus cabaret show explores homes in their mesmerising complexity. Is it a place to live? Or is it a financial asset?

A home could simply be a place to live and sleep, a basic necessity. But it is so much more.
For some a space of love, nurture and community. For others frictions, coercion and domestic work. A home is also a financial asset whose price only ever seems to move up, up, and again. Home-ownership has become unreachable for many. Housing fuses our intimate living spaces to global financial markets as we struggle to pay – or refuse – our debts.

Join us on this journey through the home in which Brighton-based aerial acrobats scale sky-high towers of debt and contort around the housing ladder. We offer moments of joy, tangled frustrations, exhilarating emotions and quiet reflections.

This performance draws from the research project "Asset-based Inequality in the Age of Asset Management", led by Dr Mareike Beck, King’s College London, and funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Suitable for curious kids, teens and adults.

Please buy a ticket that's most relevant to your housing situation.

Company: Mareike Beck, King's College London


Genre: Circus Dance & Physical Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 0

Upper Age Suitability: +

Under 2's are allowed in for free on the lap of a guardian.

Venues: Caravanserai Brighton: Luna Parc

Accessible Toilet Assistance Dogs Welcome Wheelchair Access

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Standard: £5


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