Hill & Jones Sketch Comedy Show

#FindYour Funny, Weird, Story

Serious comic Ryan Hill and loveable idiot Ben Jones present their Sketch Show Goes Wrong play combining original material, tributes to comedy greats and much more silliness!

Hill, the serious comedian, desperately tries to keep his comedy sketch show on the rails while Jones, the loveable idiot, can’t help but cause things to go wrong.

A fast paced performance of original and adapted comedy sketches, stand-up, monologues, dance and drag, all tied together into a disastrous tale of mishaps and mayhem!

No show is the same! While the overall story of the play does not change, each show will include a different mix of comedy sketches, so if you enjoy the show, come back again and again.



These slick professionals engage you from the off with ease of acceleration akin to the latest Tesla

- Arden Theatre, ★★★★★

Company: Hill & Jones Sketch Comedy Show


Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Venues: Rotunda Theatre Brighton: Bubble

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible

Age suitability:
12+ (Guideline)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:


 Strong Language Strong Language

 Depictions and references to Violence Depictions and references to Violence

Additional Content Warning:
Some instances of mild language, simulated violence, sexual innuendo

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