Hidden: Brighton
“we’re all human beings... people need people... ”

Uncover new ways of seeing Brighton on this audio journey, heard through the hidden voices of our city. In collaboration with the Clock Tower Sanctuary and local sound artists, Fred Devonport & Ollie Maxwell, Hidden: Brighton invites you to take a stroll and come ear to ear with some of the city’s inspiring young voices. Listen in and see Brighton through their eyes.

This youth-led project provides a creative platform for young people experiencing homelessness to have their ideas heard. The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the only drop-in day centre for homeless 16-25 year olds in the city, where young people who have nowhere to call home can feel safe and 'just be'.

Your ticket is a donation to the Clock Tower Sanctuary.
£10 can pay for a young person to have a shower, wash their clothes and eat a healthy, hot meal
£20 can pay for a new pair of shoes or clothing for a job interview or first day of work

This experience requires earphones and a mobile device. Further details on taking part are available in your ticket confirmation email.

Company: Hidden Projects with the Clock Tower Sanctuary


Genre: Tours

Duration: 1440 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 14

Upper Age Suitability: +

Venues: Brighton Fringe Streaming

Content Warnings:
References to Mental Illness Contains Swearing

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Standard: £10

Conc: £3


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