Gabriel Featherstone: Curse of The Black Seal

#FindYour Funny, Weird

“Wild, inventive comedy for fans of Emo Philips and Nick Lutsko.” - Chris Thorburn, Breaking The News.

"A handmade, one person carnivàle. Gabe is the worthy heir to a noble line of fringe-dwelling loons." - Robert Wringham, New Escapologist

Winner of small fractions of three Scottish Comedy Awards and one Reykjavik Fringe Award

Gabriel Featherstone wants to be a serious writer, but the most popular things he's ever written are an advert for paint, a viral tweet about the relationship between Tinky-Winky and purple sex toys, and a song about how life is meaningless until Shrek 5 is released in cinemas. Seeking to better himself, he summons an emotional support selkie* from the realm of myth (played by burlesque and cabaret star Seaglass Beach) to heal his mind with radical musical therapy.

Desperate to be remembered as one the greatest minds of his generation, Gabe goes on a noble quest to unravel the sacred mysteries of life and the unknown, via the mediums of basic puppetry, crude musical numbers, and jokes about bums. The Selkie helps in her own way, by doing weird burlesque, devouring the eyes of wayward sailors, and performing lighthearted musical numbers about positive mental health strategies.

What is The Gruffalo Boudoir? Is mastering the occult a sensible alternative to conventional therapy? And what does that sinister bear-shaped silhouette on the horizon have to do with anything? The answers may surprise you!

Music produced by Lawrence Tucker

*a magic seal woman from celtic mythology

Company: Fever Dream Team

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 60 mins

Venues: Presuming Ed's

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet

Age suitability:
18+ (Restriction)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Audience Interaction Audience Interaction

 Strong Language Strong Language

 Nudity Nudity

 Loud Noises Loud Noises

 References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse

 References to Mental Illness References to Mental Illness

 Depictions and references to Violence Depictions and references to Violence

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May 4, 2024


Presuming Ed's

Standard: £7

Conc: £5

May 5, 2024


Presuming Ed's

Standard: £7

Conc: £5


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