Everything and Everyone is Material - Workshop
In this workshop director/actor, Iman Isaacs, and actor/writer/ researcher/theatre-maker, Eva Bartels, will take you on a ride trough curiosity and vulnerability and help you to find your inner theme that will spark your creative juices.

Iman and Eva have made the challenging play Irma together. With backgrounds that are true opposites they are looking for connection in their present time.

How to open up? How to talk about something that you are afraid of saying out loud?
How to use your suppressed thoughts and ideas fears and desires as fuel to tell a story? How do present the possibility of multiple truths? How to transform something that scares you the most into something that can give you strength and maybe even heal you ?

In this workshop Iman and Eva guide you in creating a theatrical research presentation.
And tell you about the challenges and ‘realness’ of making Irma.

Company: Eva Bartels


Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 0

Upper Age Suitability: +

Venues: Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets

Accessible Toilet Assistance Dogs Welcome Wheelchair Access

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Sat 27th May 10.30am

Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets

Standard: £10


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