Audrey's Art Club
It’s time to go on a journey that punches you straight in the feels while filling your heart with love and warmth. Audrey searches for a meaning to life, beyond teaching art, and makes a discovery that shocks her to the core.

Delve into Audrey’s frustration, success, and struggle to regain her self-confidence after going through a painfully agonizing episode in her life.

Ready to leave you enthralled with the story, Audrey’s Art Club perfectly highlights everything between undying love, romance, and break up.

Get ready for emphatic reinvigoration through this LGBT piece of digital literature.

Previous Films curated by Dublin Pride, Brighton Digital Festival, Burning Man Festival, COP26, Glasgow University and more.

Lita has won two playwright awards at Oxford Playhouse; her famous plays are 'After Shark' (Off West End Nomination) and ‘Time For Tea’ Pick of Camden Fringe: "unnerving quality" ★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall), Kings Cross Film Festival 2022.

Company: Lita Doolan Productions


Genre: Theatre

Duration: 35 mins

Lower Age Suitability: 16

Upper Age Suitability: +

Venues: Brighton Fringe Streaming

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