Asa's Archway Adventures and the Golden Goblet of Galway

#FindYour Escape, Story, Talent

Crumbling schools, broken authority systems and life on a low budget stops the Prince family getting to the heart of their desires.

When a father and son decide to change their North London lives an adventure weaves around them with the arrival of Simeon from Galway and his gold cup.

As they the hopes of a new life they have to chose separate paths that may keep them apart forever.

In this 80 minute Audio project, voices from Archway are featured that play tricks on the young boy's dreams as he wishes to own a horse, rebuild the world and serve others.

Written by Amazon best-selling Author and multi award-winning writer Lita Doolan. She received Off West-End Nomination for 'Wyre Lady of Fleetwood'.

Commissions include Burning Man, COP26, Glasgow University and more.
Work staged at Hampstead Theatre, Sherman Cymru, Oxford Playhouse, Komedia, Brighton Digital Festival, Young Vic, 503.

"A thunder bolt came off the sea and sent the wild pigeons living off the scraps of abandoned packed lunches flying into the clouds. It pushed the birds out of the chapel orchard.

‘Our chapel school will disappear from these shores after 166 years.’ It was news that Asa didn’t want to hear. No one knew what was coming next or what they could do to save their school.

‘Why are you ghosting me Dan?’ Mike yelled.
‘Can we do this somewhere else Mike?’
  ‘Why, so nobody knows what a twat you are?’ "

With his Dad, Mike, on his own adventure, an the golden cup be returned to its rightful place in to rescue the chapel school on the Heath?

Based on True Events.



- Whatsonstage, ★★★★


- Breaking the Fourth Wall, ★★★★


- The Stage, ★★★★

Company: Lita Doolan Production


Genre: Literature & Spoken Word

Duration: 80 mins

Venues: Brighton Fringe Streaming

Venue Accessibility:

Age suitability:
16+ (Guideline)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are allowed in for free on the lap of a guardian.

Content Warnings:

 Strong Language Strong Language

 References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse

 References to Suicide/Self Harm References to Suicide/Self Harm

 Depictions and references to Violence Depictions and references to Violence

Additional Content Warning:
Mentions drug use. Contains a few swear words. One reference to an act of self violence.

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