About Brighton

Beautiful bohemian Brighton, just an hour from London, is a place built for good times. Every corner holds a new delight, from stunning Regency architecture to the beachside carousel to the surrounding South Downs.

England’s city by the sea, has a scandalous and colourful history. It was made popular in the 18th century by the Prince Regent and his libertine legacy persists in the decadent, artsy vibe Brighton still has today. There may be an air of grandeur to its Regency seafront, but Brighton has never quite shaken off notoriety, scandal and mould-breaking. Over the years the city has been home to dirty weekends, scooter straddling mods, cheeky seaside postcards, nudist beaches, the UK’s first Green party MP and as a destination for dirty weekends. Two very different piers thrust out from Brighton Beach, the gaudy, colourful Palace Pier packed with arcades and thrill-rides and the derelict West Pier, home to spectacular murmurations of starlings at dusk.

Today Brighton is the most popular day trip destination in the UK. Packed with cultural events, a thriving LGBTQ scene, quirky boutique shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, it’s no surprise Brighton is home of the third largest arts festival in the world.