Diseases of Civilisation

Throughout May

Diseases of Civilisation

Free Webinars: “The Diseases of Civilisation”: Buteyko Practitioners introduce the causes of the diseases of civilisation discovered by medical scientist Dr. K. P. Buteyko in 1952 and the drug-free approach, now known as The Buteyko Method, that he developed to reverse 200+ symptoms - allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, fatigue and sleep, digestive and nervous disorders - now known as chronic conditions. 

Free Webinars: To see the schedule of webinars in May, please go to: https://www.learnbuteyko.tv 

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Beginners’ Workshops: The Buteyko Method Online Beginner Workshops run over five consecutive days. Each session is for around one and a half hours. All workshops are supervised by a Senior Buteyko Practitioner. Students learn basic skills to retrain their breathing, according to physiological norms, to improve health and wellbeing.

Beginners’ Workshops: The Buteyko Method: To see the schedule of Beginners’ Workshops in May, please go to: https://www.learnbuteykoonline.net/beginner-workshops

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