Ticket Offers

Ticket offers are a great way to attract audiences to your event. These can be set up during registration or with the Brighton Fringe Box Office at a later time.

Friends of Brighton Fringe 2 for 1

Brighton Fringe runs a membership scheme offering Friends of Brighton Fringe discounted tickets, special offers and the chance to buy tickets two weeks before the general public. If you are interested in offering Friends of Brighton Fringe a 2 for 1 offer on your tickets this is a good way of encouraging this dedicated and influential audience group to attend your event and spread the word. If you opted to participate in this ticket promotion when registering, the Brighton Fringe Box Office will automatically offer Friends buying a full price ticket another at no extra cost on those dates you selected.

If you would like to opt in to this after you have registered your event, email: tickets[at]brightonfringe.org

Group Discounts

When registering your event you can also opt in to our Group Discount offer. This gives people 10% off of each ticket when they buy 10 tickets.

If you missed opting in to this when you registered your event, our Box Office can set this up for you at any time, email: tickets[at]brightonfringe.org 

Other Ticket Offers

Targeted offers can be an excellent way of attracting an audience, and can often prove highly successful for boosting sales. Be creative with your ticket offers, offering a discounted ticket for fancy dress is popular with audiences for example, and try to target specific groups – if your show is about a particular sport, for example, think of approaching those sports clubs with deals. 

Using a ‘promotional code’ to allow only those you approach to get a discount is recommended, as it allows you to track the take-up of your offer. It means those who were going to buy tickets anyway still pay the full price, and avoids your event having publicly listed discounts, which can make it look like your show may be struggling for tickets.

If you would like to discuss your options, or know what deal you want to offer and want to get it set up, then please contact our Box Office team on tickets[@]brightonfringe.org.

Please note, it is your responsibility to promote and market these offers - Brighton Fringe cannot actively publicise these offers for you, aside from our general marketing - so it will be down to your own efforts to generate interest and sales.