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Can Ducks Fly

10-14 May 21:00 £5(£4) [55m]

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Event Description

... Yes is a comedy show about LOVE (not the sappy kind) It's a bit mad, but a GOOD mad- think a mixture of Monty Python and Blind Date... for adults. ... Yes answers questions that you never knew you needed answered such as; Can you play Guess Who Live onstage? Do penguins have knees? Are you better off marrying a shell shocked WW2 veteran or tempt your fate with the flock of seagulls, snapchat fanatic you just met online? ... Yes? Go on, I'm Irish you know it will be funny. Well I won prizes and stuff so it's bound to be at least ok.

Category: Comedy
Subcategories: Clown, Stand-Up, Physical Theatre, Devised, Funny, Interactive

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