Individual Medley

Literature & Spoken Word

Katrina Quinn

6-7, 27-28 May 16:00 £7(£5.50) [50m]

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Friends 2-4-1 OfferWorld Premiere12+
Event Description

What happens when you move a 12-year-old girl from Basingstoke to a remote
corner of Southern Africa? Join Katrina on an energetic, poetic journey as
she discovers boys, boobs, crossing borders and boarding school in Zambia.
Oh, and she'll give you some swimming lessons (on dry land) - because
that's the one thing that makes any sense. A debut one-woman show about
the awkward joys of learning to feel at home in your body and in the new
(or old) places you find yourself.

Category: Literature & Spoken Word
Subcategories: spoken word, Poetry, New Work, solo show, Storytelling, Devised

Junkyard Dogs
142 Edward St
East Sussex

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Junkyard Dogs

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  • 241 Tickets

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