Artists Open houses: Our top tips in Brighton Fringe

These four great Fringe events are Fringe bursary winners or part of a special season – don’t miss them!

I Miss My Mum’s Cooking’

“Letha was the master of her kitchen, controlling who had access and ultimately what my dad and us four children ate. My first tastes came from the dishes she cooked and her homemade drinks. This mastery had been fine-tuned from cooking as a young woman for her mother and siblings in the Caribbean to cooking for her family in England. At the centre of this installation as shrine is my late mother’s Dutch Pot with her cooking history burnt into its bottom that speaks to the material culture of Caribbean migrant diasporic food and cooking culture evoking/invoking memory, the senses, sucking the chicken bone as well as health, loss and legacy”

Michael McMillan is a British born writer, playwright, artist/curator and scholar of Vincentian migrant heritage.

I Miss My Mum's Cookin' (Installation)

I am More Than

AM MORE THAN’ is a project set up by Equinox women’s project supporting women in the city who are experiencing homelessness to use their creative voices to tell their communities who they are and that they are not defined by homelessness or any of the many issues that run alongside it. It aims to help women to challenge their own negative belief systems about themselves and help them regain self-worth and confidence.


Communi-ties from the Past

'Communi-ties from the Past' is an intergenerational performance art event. Created in collaboration with residents of all ages from Bevendean and Moulsecoomb, this piece explores the sense of community people have felt over time in a fresh and interactive way. Combining dance, artwork and personal stories, ‘Communi-ties from the Past’ will take place at Brighton’s bustling community-owned pub, The Bevy.

Communi-ties from the Past

BAM - B.fest Art Market

BAM - B.fest Art Market is a youth arts market launched at B.fest 2022, this events will be full of innovative work by young people 13-25 years. BAM Exhibitors will be representing the world of art and design in the form of prints, poster art, apparel, animation, zines, and publishing as well as creative workshops.

BAM - B.fest Art Market

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