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Reach the one million visitors that come to Brighton in May! 

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"The festival continues to evolve and develop through the creativity of the Fringe team allowing us to find new and interesting ways to talk to our customers about the work that we do.”    - Andy Shaddick, Southern Water

“We have found that our public profile is definitely highest during the month of May and that our grant applicants often refer to having read about The Pebble Trust in the Brighton Fringe brochure.”   Louise Arnell, The Pebble Trust

As part of our extensive marketing campaign we publish 100,000 brochures that are distributed to over 1,500 outlets throughout Brighton & Hove and beyond. The brochure is the main guide to all that is Brighton Fringe and has a 13-week shelf life from March to June.

Anyone looking to find out what’s happening in Brighton in May will not only look out for our brochure but will also check out our website that this year had over 250,000 unique visitors and they viewed over 1.5 million pages.

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